HemAcure - WP8
HemAcure - WP8
HemAcure - WP8

Work package 8: Project Management

Leader: Dr. Joris Braspenning, undefinedUniversity Hospital of Würzburg and Dr. Kathrin Suttner, undefinedARTTIC S.A.S.



Main objective

The main objectives of WP8 are:


  • To ensure the proper overall management of the project in order to strengthen and support the participants to achieve the objectives, complete the milestones on time and deliver the deliverables.
  • To make sure that the consortium’s contractual duties are carried out. Advise and guide the participants to comply with the EU regulations and their contractual and legal requirements. Abide by the "good practice" of resources management as presented in the Financial Guidelines.
  • To set-up an effective communication infrastructure and foster the integrative process within the consortium.


Description of the tasks

The WP Project Management is led by the undefinedCoordinator UKW with professional assistance by undefinedARTTIC S.A.S., the leading European group specialised in consultancy and management services for international research and technology-related partnerships.

To ensure a proper overall management of the project the tasks of WP8 are:


  • Task 1: Scientific coordination and management of the scientific activities and their progress is in the experienced hands of the Coordinator and the Work Package leaders.


  • Task 2: Acting as the right hand of the Coordinator and as a permanent help-desk for all participants, ARTTIC will support the Coordinator in taking on full responsibility for project controlling.


  • Task 3: Contractual management.


  • Task 4: Communication management.


  • Task 5: Resources management.


Hence, all issues relating to project administration will be handled professionally by ARTTIC.


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