HemAcure - WP7
HemAcure - WP7
HemAcure - WP7

Work package 7: Dissemination, exploitation and communication

Leader: Dr. Joris Braspenning, undefinedUniversity Hospital of Würzburg and Dr. Kathrin Suttner, undefinedARTTIC S.A.S.


Main objective

The main objective of WP7 is to disseminate, communicate and exploit the results generated in HemAcure in the most efficient way and to foster sustainability.


  • To raise public and scientific awareness of the EU-funded project and to inform haemophilia patients about the alternative treatment method developed by HemAcure.
  • To facilitate networking and mutual communication both to the scientific community and the general public.
  • To manage the processes for the capture and the protection of intellectual property, including confidential information and patents.
  • To ensure most efficient exploitation of project results and to achieve highest possible benefit for scientists, industry and the European society.


Description of the tasks

Dissemination, exploitation and communication activities are of major importance to achieve better awareness, to distribute new knowledge and to create new opportunities for European integrated research in the field of haemophilia A. In parallel to our dedicated scientific work, a set of actions will be implemented to spread results to the largest possible audience outside the consortium. An adequate exploitation strategy will ensure to achieve the highest possible benefit for hemophilic patients, clinicians and health care system resulting from HemAcure.


To ensure this the tasks of WP7 are:


  • Task 1 Dissemination.

    Publications in peer reviewed journals, presentations on scientific conferences and poster presentations will
    allow the distribution of results to the scientific community. Moreover, collaboration is envisaged with the official haemophilia societies to raise public awareness.


  • Task 2 Exploitation.

    Identification and management of intellectual property rights (IPR), assessment and protection of project results and products. Identify freedom to operate for technologies and write applicable patent
    applications and file applications internationally. Development of an exploitation strategy, including routes to market for project outputs. Define a pre-clinical development plan for the ATMP and future clinical trials. Work closely with regulatory authorities to review regulatory documents and to determine any additional studies that may be required prior to initiating clinical trials and develop a plan to market. Develop a clinical plan from study initiation to product approval.


  • Task 3 Communication.

    Developing a corporate project identity is a core task for an international project to establish a consistent public perception. Central to this will be the design of a project logo, the set-up of a project website and the design of a project flyer to be disseminated at meetings and conferences. Furthermore, project news will be distributed via social media channels, by an annual e-newsletter and regular press releases.


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