HemAcure - Expected Impact
HemAcure - Expected Impact
HemAcure - Expected Impact

Expected Impact of HemAcure

The cell therapy product developed within HemAcure could both enable a significant number of currently untreated patients to be treated and enable less severe patients to also be treated, because of its expected reduced long term cost, and improved safety. Thereby reducing the overall morbidity of this terrible disease around the world.

Overview of the expected impacts of HemAcure:


  • Development of tools and technologies enabling establishment of new therapies or patient interventions: The development of an innovative therapeutic cell and Cell Pouch™ product will pave the way for cell product clinical indications using the undefinedCell Pouch™ technology for diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, and Parkinson’s disease, all significant debilitating diseases requiring protein replacement. The Cell Pouch™ is also suitable for treatment of rare genetic diseases. These rare genetic disease products involve gene engineered cells. Haemophilia A is just one of several monogenetic diseases which could benefit from a cell replacement therapy. The experience gained in this consortium can clearly be applied to these other diseases.
  • Social and environmental impact: The therapeutic strategies addressed in this project are expected to reduce morbidity as well as reduce disability and therefore, also costs to society.
  • Supporting regulatory compliant new technologies: All technologies used within this consortium will be transferred to GMP conditions. Furthermore we will apply systematic quality engineering approaches, which are essential for the design of regulated cell therapy manufacturing processes because of their focus on identifying the sources of and the control of variation, an issue that is at the core of current Good Manufacturing Practice.
  • Boost the growth and the competitiveness of the European medical technology sector
  • Combine new technology developments from different sectors for better, safer and customer friendly products
  • Increase the attractiveness of Europe as a hub for innovative medical technologies

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The HemAcure consortium will host a Webinar "Results in Fighting Heamophilia A"...

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