HemAcure - Team
HemAcure - Team
HemAcure - Team

Partner 5 - Sernova Corp.

Philip Toleikis

Sernova Corp.

Dr. Philip Toleikis


President and CEO

Leader WP5


Phone: +1 604 9612939

Fax: +1 519 8585099




Sernova Corp.


700 Collip Circle Suite 114

N6G4X8 London, Ontario




HemAcure Team Sernova Corp.

Delfina Siroen

Delfina Siroen


Senior Director and Head R&D


Phone: + 1 519 8585184





Team Sernova Corp.

Current HemAcure Team Sernova Corp. (in order of the staff photo from left to right):

Korey Kilpatrick 


Research Assistant - Assay Specialist

Sheri Saunders


Research Technician - Histology

Amanda MacGillivary


Laboratory Manager/Regulatory and Mfg. Oversight


Phone: +1 519 8585184 


Dr. Kelcey Patterson


Senior Research Scientist - Surgical/Planning and Implementation


Phone: +1 519 8585184 


Dr. Matilde Leon-Ponte


Research Scientist - Imaging/Histology

Institute presentation

undefinedSernova Corp is a Canadian publically traded, clinical stage, regenerative medicine company developing an implantable, scalable device, the undefinedCell Pouch System™ and therapeutic cells for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, and haemophilia.  The Cell Pouch™ forms a natural vascularized environment for long-term survival and function of the therapeutic cells which release into the bloodstream required but missing proteins or hormones. The company’s first products under development are for the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes and haemophilia A. Sernova trades under the following symbols: (TSX-V: SVA) (OTCQB: SEOVF) (FSE: PSH).  

HemAcure Consortium

HemAcure Consortium

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The HemAcure consortium will host a Webinar "Results in Fighting Heamophilia A"...

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