HemAcure - Team
HemAcure - Team
HemAcure - Team

Project Coordinator - University Hospital of Würzburg

 Joris Braspenning



University Hospital of Würzburg



Dr. Joris Braspenning


Project Coordinator

Leader WP1, WP7 and WP8


Phone: +49 931 3188598




University Hospital of Würzburg - Department Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERM)


Roentgenring 11

97070 Würzburg




HemAcure Team University Hospital of Würzburg


Heike Walles

Dr. Martin Czolbe


European Liaison Officer


Phone: +49 931 20156439





Prof. Heike Walles


Head of Department Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERM)


Phone: +49 931 3188828


Oliver Pullig

PD Dr. Oliver Pullig


Group Leader Regulatory Affairs


Phone: +49 931 3183748




Patrick Bittorf


Pharmacist, Regulatory Affairs




Stefan Heinz

Dr. Stefan Heinz






Dr. Thorsten Bergmann




Miguel Angelo Azenha Rodrigues


PhD Student

undefined E-Mail



Michaela Baier


Junior Researcher


Sarah Frosch


Lab Technician










Institute presentation

The University Hospital of Würzburg (Universitätsklinikum Würzburg, UKW) consists of 19 clinics with policlinics and three autonomous policlinics as well as four clinical institutes. Furthermore there are six vocational schools incorporated. UKW takes care of about 52.000 stationary and about 200.000 ambulant patients per annum (2010).


UKW is the coordinator of the HemAcure project and therefore responsible for the overall progress of the project (undefinedWP8) and its exploitation, dissemination and communication (undefinedWP7). Our main tasks within the project (undefinedWP1) will be the GMP compliant isolation of blood outgrowth endothelial cells (BOECs) from haemophilia patient’s blood as well as to provide these cells and medium to the other partners for gene correction and further expansion. UKW employees, such as Dr. Braspenning and Dr. Heinz, have extensive expertise in the isolation and culture of BOECs from different blood sources (whole blood, buffy coats, and blood from patients). In addition, the UKW has access to blood from haemophilia A patients via Prof. Oldenburg from the Haemophilia Center in Bonn (Germany) caring for 1500 patients with bleeding disorders. Prof. Oldenburg will be in the undefinedadvisory board of the HemAcure project.

The application of innovative technology and know-how available at the UKW, enables the large scale expansion of BOECs using proprietary chemically defined endothelial cell growth medium which will be done in close collaboration with undefinedPartner 4 UNILO.


Dr. Braspenning and his group, are part of the department of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (UKW-TERM) of the University Hospital of Würzburg which was established in 2009. UKW-TERM, headed by Prof. Heike Walles, has a strong focus on cell biology, 3D tissue models based on the BioVaSc® platform technology and the development of cell-based therapies including the automation of cell culture methods. The main emphasis of research is translational-orientated including the development and validation of preclinical in vitro assays and human 3D tissue models for drug screening or cell-material interaction studies. The team has great experience with the automation of Tissue Engineering processes also conform to GMP conditions and at large scale with integrated fully automatized systems (undefinedwww.tissue-factory.com). The department reflects all necessary disciplines as biologists, pharmacists, engineers, and clinical staff, and is funded by internal and external grants, acquired on a competitive basis. The Group Manager Regulatory Affairs of the Team is PD Dr. Oliver Pullig. As a manufacture of ATMPs, a GMP infrastructure is established including QM system, SOP-implementation, and specially trained and qualified staff.


The UKW unit TERM has 800 m2 of cell biology laboratory space S2 approved. Standard cell biology equipment such as incubators, laminar flow, microscopes etc. are available in all laboratories. An additional live-cell imaging microscope, confocal microscopes and a laser-dissecting microscope are routinely used. Moreover, cell characterization can be performed with FACS and RAMAN-spectroscopy. Both technologies and additional non-destructive technologies for cell characterizations are well established at UKW-TERM.

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HemAcure Consortium

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