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HemAcure - Team
HemAcure - Team

Partner 4 - Loughborough University

Alexandra Stolzing

Loughborough University 

Dr. Alexandra Stolzing


Principal Investigator

Leader WP3 and WP4


Phone: +44 1509 227577



Loughborough University


Ashby Road

LE11 3TU Loughborough

United Kingdom



HemAcure Team Loughborough University


Dr. Adeolu B. Adewoye


Research Associate

Nicholas Wragg


Research Associate






Institute presentation

In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, Loughborough consolidated its position in the premier league of research universities. It was ranked 14th in the UK and 9th among universities in England for research intensity. UNILO is recognised as a pioneer and thought leader in cell therapy manufacturing and translation. It is in the best position to fulfil the aims of this project due to its track record of cell therapy projects and network of active partnerships occupying key locations in the regenerative medicine field and roles in the engineering science l and regulatory landscape. 

The UNILO strategic focus on Healthcare Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering providing the ideal foundation for this project and institutional support will be provided, especially from the Enterprise Office. The different skill sets at the undefinedCentre for Biological Engineering (CBE) gives a collective operation with an industry-working style.

The CBE has been funded in 2009. The vision is to enable Loughborough's engineering strength to be developed at a direct interface with biology and medicine enabling Loughborough to compete with the best biological engineers in the world. CBE is one of the major national centres for late stage, cGMP, process oriented research allowing.

The CBE works closely with TAP Biosystems and other companies to design manufacturing platforms that minimise the requirement for manual intervention in cell production and provide opportunities for scale-up of manufacturing. We have two TAP Biosystems installed in our laboratories as well as two AmbR systems, DASGip and several suspension bioreactors including monitoring equipment design by our team. For controlling and observing cell expansion we use the automated, non-invasive imaging platform, Cell-IQ®, for analysis and quantification of cells. UNILO is equipped with novel cell culture facilities (S2) and biochemistry laboratories (S2). All prerequisites such as incubators and laminar flow benches are available. undefinedUNILO has all methods established for safety testing the cells.

Our main tasks within the project will be the expansion of endothelial cells (BOECs) from haemophilia patient’s blood (undefinedWP3) as well as the safety and efficacy testing of the cells (undefinedWP4).

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HemAcure Consortium

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