HemAcure - Team
HemAcure - Team
HemAcure - Team

Partner 2 - IMS - Integrierte Management Systeme e. K.

Martin Zierau

Integrierte Management Systeme e.K.

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Zierau


Project Leader

Leader WP6


Phone: +496252670790



IMS - Integrierte Management Systeme e. K.


Spessartstr. 2

64646 Heppenheim




HemAcure Team IMS - Integrierte Management Systeme e. K.

Jürgen Grünewald

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Grünewald




Phone: +496252670790






Institute presentation

IMS - Integrierte Managementsysteme e. K. is a well-known service provider for quality management in life science industries. It considers as a privilege to work for well-known customers ranging from small and medium sized enterprises up to global companies, e.g. Roche, Sanofi, Pfizer, Zimmer, Fresenius and Braun. IMS offers customized support on implementing effective quality management processes and methods in compliance with GMP-guidelines. Typical projects in medical device and pharmaceutical industry deal with 


  • development activities and design transfer,
  • analyzing production and quality assurance processes,
  • designing standard operating procedures (SOP),
  • qualifying and validating systems and processes,
  • implementing risk management systems,
  • improving test concepts and
  • implementing statistical methods for process improvement.


Among the IMS – achievements the following have specific relevance to the HemAcure project:


  • Not a single non-compliance report for our customers by the European authorities in more than 300 projects over the last 15 years (in the scope of our projects)
  • Not a single time delay caused by us in more than 300 projects over the last 15 years
  • Extreme task force abilities in more than 10 projects when our (new) customers had to react to an unexpected withholding of the manufacturing license by the European authorities because of massive findings in their quality management system


The infrastructure of IMS ensures to support the project participants in developing GMP-compliance efficiently and effectively. IMS runs a modern office for its consultants, for workshops together with its customers and project partners and for trainings, e.g. on GMP-compliance.


For further informations see the IMS-homepage at undefinedwww.ims-heppenheim.de.

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