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EUROPA - Research and Innovation: What's New in Health and life sciences

EUROPA - Research What's New in Health and life sciences. This RSS feed includes the most recent updates to the European Commission's Research and Innovation web site on Europa in the area of Health and life sciences. The last (or, in some news readers, the first) item of this feed will take you to the Biosociety web site. For more RSS news feeds visit http://ec.europa.eu/research/index.cfm?pg=rss
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ImageManagement and treatment of neurological diseases is one of the biggest challenges facing medicine today. EU-funded researchers are developing computational tools to improve understanding of how such diseases progress as a means to help treat patients.
ImageAn EU-funded project aims to identify and maximise the potential of novel vaccines to end the global tuberculosis epidemic. These could save lives, stem the spread of infection and shorten treatment for the often deadly, airborne disease.
ImageWhy does the body attack itself? EU-funded researchers have discovered new details about how faults in a specific gene trigger such activity, increasing our understanding of the roots of autoimmune diseases like arthritis and lupus and raising hopes of finding new treatment approaches.
ImageFor patients with rare genetic mutations of the debilitating disease cystic fibrosis, there are few options for effective treatment. EU-funded researchers are working to meet their needs, using new developments in personalised medicine to advance the testing of novel and promising drugs.
ImageAn EU- and industry-funded project has developed a mobile app enabling patients and healthcare professionals to more easily report suspected adverse drug reactions. It has also analysed social media to assess drug safety. Both initiatives have shown potential for strengthening the monitoring of medicines.
ImageAn EU-funded project has established a data-collection and evaluation infrastructure to monitor iodine deficiency across Europe. The project's database and EU-wide monitoring system will feed into national efforts to ensure Europeans get enough iodine to stay healthy.

Save the date! The European Commission is organising an Information Day to present the 2019 funding opportunities of the Health, demographic change and wellbeing societal challenge.

This half-day event (9:00-12:00) will only be webstreamed. The link will be published on this page a week before the event.

The programme will be online in the coming days.

Please send your questions preferably in advance at this address: RTD-HEALTH-INFODAY@ec.europa.eu.

Questions - which can also be sent to this address during the webinar - should concern the WP 2019 topics of Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 1 (Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing).

They may be related to the text of specific topics or to other questions of practical relevance for applicants to these SC1 2019 call topics. We ask for your understanding that we will at this event not respond to questions on 2020 call topics, on issues outside the scope of H2020 SC1 or on Horizon Europe.

Connected to the Open Info Day, the EU-funded projects Health-NCP-Net 2.0 is organizing a free of charge Brokerage Event on Sept. 3-4 2018 in Oslo which is meant to assist you in finding the right project partners for the upcoming 2019 Health calls.

ImageEU-funded research is exploring how meditation training and other preventive programmes can help Europe's ageing society stay mentally active and physically healthy for longer. The findings can help shape a variety of programmes and policies.
ImageA loan supported by the InnovFin-EU finance for innovators initiative under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme and extended by the European Investment Bank is helping France-based biotech company Valneva develop a Zika vaccine that is safe during pregnancy. This could protect unborn babies from birth defects linked to the mosquito-borne virus.

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